AVG 2018 vs Norton 2018

AVG 2018 vs Norton 2018
We know that a question that remains in every user’s mind is which antivirus to use. Hence, we have been writing a range of articles on comparing the different types of antivirus available in the market.

In this blog, we will compare AVG 2018 and Norton 2018.

AVG 2018

AVG 2018 has scored highly in the AV tests conducted worldwide, especially with respect to protection against new malware attacks. It has also scored highly in usability tests. This proves that it is an intuitive system.

AVG has an inbuilt LinkScanner, which is the feature responsible for the security of browser links. It generates a safety score as per the source of the link. AVG 2018 also includes features like website reports, optional updates, YouTube video accelerator, analytical tools for optical discs and external hard drives, parental controls, etc. which deserves special mention.

One aspect where AVG suffers is the repairing techniques. This refers to the ability to clean and remove existing system threats. More work can be done with this segment. Exclusive: Get 20% off our best avg antivirus 2018 for unlimited devices!

Norton 2018

Norton has not rated as highly as AVG 2018 in the AV-Tests conducted worldwide. However, the products has its own merits. Norton has a multiple suit system wherein the product can be used on multiple computers at one go.
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Norton also has a near perfect score in the repair department, something which AVG lacks. Norton has also ranked highly in protection and usability. It has amazing features like the silent mode, network monitoring, two way firewall, etc. It also comes with a recovery disc for restoring files in the case of a system crash.

Norton has a good technical support available 24 X 7. All the features of Norton Antivirus, Norton 360, and Norton Internet Security now in one package: Norton Security 2018.The technicians available for support are pretty knowledgeable. Norton also offers various response features for a client’s specific need.

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To conclude, let us point out the positives and negatives of each product:

Product Positives Drawbacks
AVG 2018
 Highest score in AV Tests.
 Almost perfect score in usability
 Regular updates available to internet security suite Ranks low in repairing techniques
Norton 2018
 High score in cleaning and system repair
 Parental control features inbuilt in basic suite
 Profile configuration possible Lower rank than AVG in AV Tests

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