avg ultimate 2017

AVG Free Antivirus 2017

avg ultimate 2017

avg 2017 antivirus 2017 suitable for multiple usages. If you are looking for a single antivirus to protect your windows, Mac, and android devices, this is the antivirus to go for. Read on to find out all the features of AVG Ultimate 2017.

One License – Multiple Protection
Yes, it’s true. You pay once and you can protect all your devices at one go. It is definitely one of the most cost effective ways of protecting multiple devices. In fact, it is one of the few all device protection software available in the market. The avg 2017 update is now ready to download free. Beat the hacker with avg 2017 antivirus.

Essential Security Features
The Windows avg 2017 component includes all the security features required for protecting a computer. It offers password protection facility for the protection of all sensitive information. Thus, files can be securely deleted so that file recovery utilities are unable to find them. It also includes antispam to stop spam and scams from harming the computer. It is also packed with antimalware and antiphishing features which make it a complete set.
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Although with regards to the AV-Test, AVG 2017 Ultimate is not one of the best in the market, it has high scores with respect to speed and usability. It does not slow down the user’s avg 2017 PC. It distinguishes between malicious files and save files effectively.
Features specifically for Mac
AVG 2017 Ultimate packs specific features for Mac. Mac users can track performance and protection on a real-time basis. The best part is that the antimalware engine is not just specifically limited to Mac malware only. All the features of Norton Antivirus, Norton 360, and Norton Internet Security now in one package: Norton Security 2017. All malware on Windows and Android are simultaneously identified and reported. However, the Mac version doesn’t contain any anti-phishing facility, password manager, parental controls or online backup. However, it includes a cleaning feature to remove all kinds of unwanted files like downloaded file histories, duplicate files, etc from the system.
Features specific for AVG 2017 Mobile
The mobile component has some extra features apart from the mac and windows components. A specific application can be locked on an Android device, applications can be backed up to an SD card, etc. Moreover, there are battery saving mode, storage management, and data plan management. All the features of Norton Antivirus, Norton 360, and Norton Internet Security now in one package: Norton Security 2017.

AVG Dashboard
AVG Ultimate 2017 comes with an AVG Dashboard named AVG antivirus 2017 Zen where a user can check account details. Moreover, threats can be remotely scanned and removed from a single screen. It is basically a management console for effectively managing all the different types of devices where the antivirus runs. Avg 2017 It effectively displays all the important information like performance and protection status, scanning and removal status and various other utilities.

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AVG Ultimate 2017 ranks high on the support, backup provided by AVG 2017 software. Users can seek help and support 24 X 7 through chat and telephone. The support page itself is well organized and user-friendly.
If you need a single version for many devices, AVG Ultimate 2017 is definitely the right choice. It is not only cost-effective, it is also useful, especially because it has a custom feature suitable for each device.