Comparison between various Antivirus

Selecting the right kind of avg 2017 antivirus is extremely important. However, to make the right selection, it is important that you know the features and benefits of each of them. To help you, we have put down below a comparison between various popular antivirus software available in the market.
Kaspersky vs AVG 2017
Kaspersky 2017, the famous Russian cybersecurity provider, rates high in protection, usability, and repair. In fact, with regards to usability and repair, Kaspersky outshines AVG antivirus software. It offers exclusive features such as parental controls, user profiles, virtual keyboard and scores high in AV-Test. AVG, however, rates higher in protection, but when it comes to usability. The avg 2017 update is now ready to download free. Beat the hacker with avg 2017 antivirus.

AVG vs Bitdefender
Both AVG and Bitdefender 2017 have their own strong points. Bitdefender has been rated higher than AVG 2017 in the field of performance testing, with very high-performance scores. This is mostly due to its simple interface which makes it very popular. Bitdefender, in fact, matches most of the outstanding features that AVG has and also does not charge anything extra for parental control features. Bitdefender provides 100% malware protection with zero-day samples found in performance tests. It also provides identity and password protection along with 24X7 support through phone and chat. Overall, Bitdefender rates higher than AVG antivirus 2017 in almost all respects especially malware protection. All the features of Norton Antivirus, Norton 360, and Norton Internet Security now in one package: Norton Security 2017.
AVG vs McAfee 2017
McAfee has been in the antivirus industry longer than AVG. Both this antivirus use heuristic detection, but McAfee antivirus provides signature files with malware detection facilities. Both this softwarehas scored highly in various kinds of testing carried by antivirus 2017 testing organizations. However, AVG is a more reliable antivirus than McAfee. All the features of Norton Antivirus, Norton 360, and Norton Internet Security now in one package: Norton Security 2017. McAfee has a history flagging off safe files as unsafe. Both the software has a simple user interface. McAfee works best in a new system, while when it comes to existing hardware, AVG is found to be more useful. Overall, both are good software and rank highly with regards to firewalls, fast scanning, and website ratings. However, AVG rates a little higher due to innumerable reports of misdetection by McAfee.
AVG 2017 vs BullGuard
BullGuard 2017 is one of the best antivirus software available in the market today. It doesn’t slow down a computer and is, therefore, great for people who use their system for gaming. It comes with avirus, malware and spyware protection. Both AVG and BullGuard 2017 have the basic features. However, AVG has a free version while all the versions of BullGuard are payable. And this is exactly where AVG scores higher than BullGuard.
We hope you found the comparisons useful. Please read our exclusive blogs about various aspects of antivirus software to know all about the same and make an informed decision.