Kaspersky 2018 antivirus

Kaspersky 2018 antivirus

Kaspersky has released its 2018 version with new features and upgrades. The antivirus is good and packs almost every feature that one would want including backup software, file shredding, and file encryption facilities, password manager, etc.

The entry-level software Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the free version. Then we have the internet security version which is called Kaspersky Intenet Security. Finally, there is the highest paid version which is the Kaspersky Total Security 2018.

Below we cover certain features of the 2018 version of Kaspersky:


Well, the 2018 version keeps up to the Kaspersky reputation. The defense starts with digital signature matching which continuously scans a system for known malware. It also includes heuristic monitoring which scans unknown software for defects. The good part is that snippets of suspect code are uploaded to Kaspersky for analysis. Whenever a new malware is found, a quick update is made and sent to all the client devices. Clients have the option to choose whether they want to become a part of this information sharing. Exclusive: Get 20% off our best avg antivirus 2018 for unlimited devices!

There is a System Watcher in each program which monitors all kinds of system activity and blocks any malicious behavior. It contains a Crypto malware Protection Subsystem which copies any file which can be taken as a part of ransomware and automatically restores the files.

A client has the choice to decide what kind of malware scanning level he/she wants. In the gamer mode, the interruptions can be toned down. All the features of Norton Antivirus, Norton 360, and Norton Internet Security now in one package: Norton Security 2018.


The scanning technology used across all products of Kaspersky, whether paid or not, is the same. And it can only be termed excellent, nothing else. It has got good ratings at all kinds of AV Tests conducted. Hence performance-wise, no doubt, this is a software worth investing in.

Security and Privacy:

The 2018 version packs a Vulnerability Scan feature which is present in all the products, free and paid. It looks at the old software and existing flaws in the system and fixes them. In the Internet Security, there is a provision for adding client software for the secure connection virtual private network of Kaspersky. However, only the free version of this service is available with a cap of data usage of 200 MB per day. It also selects the country through which the data is routed. All the features of Norton Antivirus, Norton 360, and Norton Internet Security now in one package: Norton Security 2018.

For unlimited data and to choose one of the 18 countries with Secure Connection servers, a customer needs to pay $5 per month or $30 per year. This is, however, a good rate compared to other VPN service providers.

Another good feature is that the antivirus allows locking the webcam and microphone and alerts the customer when a program tries to access them. The application manager also prevents PUAs from changing the browser settings. It has a self-defense feature which blocks changes to the system memory and Windows registry. It also has a network attack blocker which monitors all incoming traffic for malicious activity.

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Finally, let us come to the cost structure. There is a free version which has been launched in July 2017. It includes the famous Kaspersky malware detection engine. It screens websites and emails messages for potential malware.

The Kaspersky Anti-Virus is priced at $59.99 per year and includes 3 PCs. However, it does not add much to the free version apart from website reputation monitoring and gamer mode which minimizes interruption during gaming.

Kaspersky Internet security, whose pricing starts from $79.99 per year for 3 devices includes licenses for Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone security software. However, remember, there is no antivirus protection for the last two platforms.

Kaspersky Total Security’s pricing starts from $99.99 per year for five devices. It adds file encryption, password manager, file shredding, parental controls, automatic backup software. It includes a 2GB online storage space from Dropbox.

Kaspersky 2018 antivirus is one of the most complete antivirus modules available in the market today. We definitely think this is a version worth installing.