Panda Antivirus vs AVG 2018

Panda Antivirus vs AVG 2018

In our previous blogs, we have compared various anti-virus products. The feedback received from our readers have been encouraging.

In this blog, we will cover two very popular products in the market – Panda Antivirus and AVG 2018.


With respect to design, Panda wins over AVG. While both have been made with the motive of simplicity, we found Panda to be simpler. It has a simple three-button interface and is extremely easy to use. However, AVG includes options like email scanner and identity protector which are not there in Panda. There is an overview screen in AVG which lists featured marked with green to show that the machine is secured. Panda, on the other hand, has compressed this feature into one giant green or red checkmark. Exclusive: Get 20% off our best avg antivirus 2018 for unlimited devices!


We found both the software pretty easy to use actually. They both have a range of security features. The dashboards of both options are easy to navigate and utilize. AVG has a smart scanning technique which scans healthy files only once. It rescans files only if any modifications have been done to the file. This definitely reduces the scan time.

Both the software have real-time updates. Panda has something called collective intelligence which speeds up the scan time by outsourcing activities to the cloud network. This means that the updates happen almost instantly. With regards to updating speed, Panda wins any day. It does not require as much processing fees as AVG. All the features of Norton Antivirus, Norton 360, and Norton Internet Security now in one package: Norton Security 2018.


AVG is packed with features which we found lacking in Panda. It includes things like LinkScanner through which links posted anywhere on the internet is scanned for malware. It also includes a special social media feature through which any links shared on social media sites are thoroughly scanned. This feature is not available in Panda. All the features of Norton Antivirus, Norton 360, and Norton Internet Security now in one package: Norton Security 2018.

For your benefit, we have summed up the features of both the products for your benefit:

On demand scan On access scan Boot time scan Intrusion detection system Web protection Heuristic Cloud
AVG 2018 Yes Yes Yes – Yes Yes –
Panda Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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To conclude, we want to ascertain that both these products include the newest technology with regards to malware protection. Both of them are equally good. Check out each of them to understand which one suits your need and then decide which one you want to install.